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Up: C.Webb dunking on Vitaly Popapenko with autority.
Below: Dikembe doing what he does best (not in my house Stack).
Middle: Shawn Kemp posterizing Robert Horry.
Down: Corey Benjamin slamming in front of a bunch of guys who can't believe what they just saw.

On Saturday 25th April I saw the French All-Star Game.
The Dunk Contest was pretty cool with the young Cazalon (18 year old) winning with 
a of-a-bounce-Rider-dunk. Salomon Sami of the "Slam Nation". (and Villeurbanne) did some amazing 
slams like the "I leap over a guy with my legs straight, catch the ball off the bounce on the 
glass and flush it in (I don't know why he wasn't in the final).

If I find pictures of the contest I'll put them in one of my page.
I'll let you know more about the "Slam Nation" , and if I find some of their
pictures I'll put them on my site, too.

Prepare to get shook, The Slam Nation is coming.

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