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I had a dream: I dreamt of the ideal Slam Dunk Contest 
(please Mr.Stern, do again the contest and open it to the world).
More participants there would be, more fun it would be.

My List of participants and their caracteristics+how I rank them in my best actual dunker standing

1.Abdoul Bamba:Slam Nation Height:6'3 Speciality:"Rondade-Dunk","360 Rider","Poirier-Dunk"

2.Ronnie Fields:Rockford Lightnings Slam Height:6'3(6'2?) Speciality:"50-inch vertical leap explosive windmill dunk"

3.Salomon Sami:Villeurbanne(and Slam Nation) Height:6'3 Speciality: "360 East".Reverse Rider,double-pump reverse,could gain ~10-inch by losing ~13lbs

4.Kadour Ziani:Slam Nation Height:5'10 Speciality:Big One (foul-line dunk),"360 over two people",estimated 55-inch vertical(prepares the double windmill dunk)

5.Vince Carter: Raptors (ex-UNC) Height:6'7 Speciality:"head at the rim level dunk "

6.Gilles Tirilly:Slam Nation Height:6'6 Speciality:"of-the-bounce double-pump reverse","over four ~6'4 people dunks"

7.Corey Benjamin: Bulls(ex Oregon State) Height:6'6 Speciality:nasty thundering dunks

8.Laurent Cazalon: Dijon Height:6'2 Speciality: Rider dunk,over-someone-sitten-on-a-chair-of-the-board-dunk

9.Duke Tschomba:Charleroi(one time with the Slam Nation) Height:6'5 Speciality:"AVE dunk",360

10.Marko Milic: Suns Height:6'6 Speciality:Over-a-car dunk,high-flying reverse

10tie.Antonio McDyess: Nuggets Height:6'10 Speciality:Power-speedy dunks

11.Nasser Soulť: Slam Nation Height:6'1 Speciality: "I-touch-my-shoe-dunk",Over a car,Over 3 people,alley-oop windmill or off-the-bound windmill even off-the-board.

12.Thierry Zig:PSG Height:6'2 Speciality: power leaner of the bounce

13.Lester Earl:Kansas Height:6'9 Speciality:complex-dunks

14.MickaŽl Hadiri:Lincoln H.S (ex-Evreuxand Slam Nation) Height:6'6 variety of windmills

15.Tracy McGrady:Raptors Height:6'8 Speciality:"of-bounce 360 dunks"

16.Alain Digbeu:Villeurbanne Height:6'5 Speciality: Jordan-style dunks

16.(tie)Mohammed Talmahla:Slam Nation Height:6'0 Speciality:one foot from the baseline one hand reverse (like Jordan)

17.Michael Finley:Mavs Height:6'7 Speciality:real Tomahawk jams

18.Darvin Ham:Spain (ex-Wizards) Height:6'7 Speciality:touch-the-glass+rotation dunks

19.Allen Iverson:76ers Height:6'0 Speciality:little guy with much up(41-inch)

20.Stromile Swift:H.S Height:6'9 Speciality:Big One

21.Kobe Bryant:Lakers Height:6'7 Speciality:flashy dunks,Rider

22.Harold Miner:Ex-Heat,Cavs Height:6'4 Speciality:Very powerful jams

23.Kevin Garnett:T'wolwes Height:6'11(7'?) Windsider

24.Jean-Marc Kraidy:PSG Height:6'7 Speciality:Funky slams

25.Baron Davis:UCLA Height:6'0 Speciality:360

26.Tim Thomas: Bucks Height:6'9 Speciality:Tomahawk-stylish dunk

27.Melvin Levett: Cincinnati Height:6'3 Speciality:Windmill

28.Steve Francis: Maryland Height:6'2 Speciality:breakaway tomahawk

29.Chris Porter: Auburn Height:6'7 Speciality:alley-oop,did an amazing follow dunk this year.

Up: Alvin Sims while in college
Down: Kevin Garnett (at Farragut)is going for a nasty jam

If you've got nice dunking pics of the guys on my list,please send them to me at:
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