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Some information about Ronnie Fields.
Name:Ronnie Fields       Height 6'2 (1.88m)
Born:28th February 1977  Weight 198 lbs (89 kg)
Usually wears number 23. Vertical leap of almost 50 inches.

Played for Farragut in H.S but a car incident shortened his final year.
Senior year stats: 32 pts 12 rbds 4 asts 4 stls 4 blks along with 4.5 dunks per game.

Particularities: Could become the first player with CBA to become drafted in the NBA Draft.
Participated in the Illinois H.S Dunk Contest when he was just 16.
Played at Farragut with fellow NBA star Kevin Garnett (if he's drafted by the T'wolwes,watch out:(Da Kid+Starbury+Ronnie,that would be a great show).
USA Today First Team All-America during his senior year of H.S and selected to the McDonald's H.S all-star game.
Jumped twice over another player to throw one down.
Won the CBA 1997 Slam Dunk Contest with a perfect score.
Is one of the most explosive leaper and can do windmill dunks you just can't figure.
Had a bad car incident, which could have broken his career.
Is my favorite player
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