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Up:two pics of my man Ronnie "the king of hops" Fields when he played for Farragut Academy H.S

In the first pic he was just 16 and you can check out this huge windmill which shatters the backboard.

In the second he goes high to block the shot( he's so high he could have blocked it with his elbow).

Now, Ronnie  has been laying for various teams Chicago in the ABA2000, the Valleydawgs in the USBL... I don't know where  he 'll play next.

Hey, my man got something like a 50-inch vertical leap.WE WANT RONNIE IN THE NBA.

I'm sorry I didn't update for quite a long time.But that's the way it is.
What's the sweetest dunk ever? The "Lipton"? or is it to see in the years to come?

This page has been slammed times.


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